Temples by Tyler | About
My name is Tyler Foote and I love photography. I also love LDS Temples. I have been a wedding photographer for almost 15 years and still love the high speed and excitement of a wedding shoot. Something about the limited time to make something amazing. I also enjoy slowing down and methodically thinking my way through a photo and making it the best I can possibly get. I have found that most people are not patient enough to sit there and let me perfect a photo of them. Temples and landscapes on the other hand are that patient. This has lead me to photography LDS Temples.

All of my photos are creative commons, this means you are free to use them for anything digital and online, as long as you link back to my webpage, and you are not using them commercially (you know who you are and you can contact me for licensing) So please post them on your blogs, use them as your desktop, post them anywhere you want! If you would like something for your wall please visit my store here on the site.